Top 10 Relationship Break Up TipsHow to move forward after a break up

Funky Female gives advice on moving forward after a relationship break up and gives top tips on how to survive a break up.

Here's Funky Female's top tips on coping during your relationship break up as well as breaking up advice, including what you should and shouldn't do.

1 Support: take comfort and advice from family and friends
Your family and friends can surprise you with the level of support they can offer during your relationshiop break up, sometimes you'll be surprised just who comes through for you.

2 Don't give in: Never beg if they called it a day
If in their eyes the relationship is truly over then it will accomplish nothing, if they do give in and relent you will be walking on eggshells and modifying your behaviour.

3 Move On: make some positive changes
After any relationship break up, make sure you do something different or just get out and change your social circle. You could take a course or class and do something that makes you feel good, your self confidence will probably need a bit of a boost now.

4 Post Mortem: but don't over analyse
It can be beneficial when getting over a relationship break up to sit down and figure out rationally why you think the relationship ended - maybe think what you or your partner could have done differently or where the relationship fell short. While you can't change the past, doing this can help change the future and your next relationship.

5 Start Dating Again: Not immediately but be open to it
Be open to the possibility, you probably wont feel like hitting the circuit again straight away and it's probably best not to, but be open to the chance you may see someone you like. At the same time, do be aware about rebound relationships - it's a fine line between how long is enough to leave one relationship before engaging in another.

6 Don't catch the first bus : take it slow
Whilst being open to dating, make sure it is just that, dating; this doesn't necessarily mean looking for a new life partner. After a relationship break up, it's important to see dating as more like getting used to talking and interacting with others again - it doesn't have to mean a relationship.

7. Be Strong: don't let others take advantage
When getting over a realtionship break up, people are at their most vulnerable. It can be almost a grieving process so your guard could be down - just think carefully before blindly following others or doing/allowing things with or for them.

8 Develop your interests
Another break up tip is to pick a hobby or two you haven't had time to follow. You may always have wanted to do something but never found the time - well now is your chance, start taking "you" time

9 Boost yourself: Fluff that ego
When getting over a break up it's important to treat yourself - why not get a makeover...the works; hair, nails, clothes, shoes etc. Don't forget to give yourself an internal makeover too; develop that positive attitude, and have a good think about the positives in your life and move forward.

10 Make a plan: plan to move forward
Sit down and make a plan for moving forward with your life - make the effort to do new things and get new stimulus, which will give you chances to interact with new people and move forward.

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