Virgo MenIs a Virgo man right for you?

Virgo men are described to be charming and usually look a treat is this what you are looking for in a man

Virgo men are described to be charming and usually look a treat, lots of them have smooth clear skin. Being a Mutable sign this means they are usually on the tall side and, as Mercury keeps them slim, they can be the epitomey of tall and handsome. Virgo men have lovely eyes, usually hazel which stand out for miles.

Virgo men are also picky about what clothes they wear and have to look smart wherever they go be it the local shop. He's often looks conservative, even when he's being trendy, and doesn't like to miss out on any fashion tips. If the Virgo man isnít happy with what he is wearing even though he still looks nice, he feels like everyone is looking at him which makes him feel uncomfortable. Virgo men like to wear suits, in neutral colours but he will jazz it up with a funky tie. Lot of Virgo men like to wear ties.

Most of Virgo men appear slightly cool and some of them are decidedly distant, Virgos find it hard to commit themselves emotionally, because they're frightened of losing any control they have. Virgo also like to express their emotions in a more moderate and measured manner. This can make them so frightened of emotional that even sex suffers and becomes clinical.

Virgo man can't get any satisfaction from having affairs, because he finds it difficult to allow his affections to flow properly. He's got to find a wonderful woman, full of fervent feelings, who can not take the caring out of him.

Its success all the way for a Virgo man, especially when work is concerned, he is a man that will always work hard to get where and what he wants. The Virgo man needs change and contrasts in his life, if he's to keep his alert mind fixed on one person then they need to change and have flexibility. Sometimes he can carry that to extremes and could start using this against your friendship or relationship.

Virgo men find it difficult to be good dads, its not that he doesnít want to be one because he does. Sometimes he can be too harsh on the children, and make a fuss about his them not doing enough homework when they havenít got any because they did it all the nigh before. But it's only because he wants them to succeed in life and wants them to do well and go far in life and be as successful as he is.

Virgo dads will some times forget their not the headmaster, he's got to realise that education isn't everything, and that emotions and his childrenís happiness is more important. And once he's learned his lesson in being to bossy and controlling he will be a far happier, loving and caring person and father.

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