Cancer MenIs a Cance man right for you?

Cancerian men have a very strong relationship with their mother, so dont be suprised if he doesnt want to leave home.

Most Cancerian men are really soft and sentimental, and lots of them will cry at the drop of a hat and want there mummy when it all goes wrong. They're very domestic and like everyone to know when something is wrong, and a lot of Cancerian men adore being in their kitchens and cooking (yes Cancerians Men).

Cancer men are very changeable, and these moods can some times drive you insane. Both men and women born under this sign let their hearts rule their heads, because they have such powerful passions. Cancerian men can let their feelings rule their lives, and find it easier to express their emotions.

Cancerian men have a very strong relationship with their mother and that can mean love or hate, some Cancer men love their mothers so obsessively that this will or could destroy every other relationship they have. Alternatively, they will love their mum more than anything and sometimes these emotions can be so strong that their female partner will start to feel left out, and resents her mum in law.

Before getting totally committed to a Cancer man, it wouldn't be a good idea to find out exactly what his relationship is like with his mum, so it doesn’t cause any arguments or disagreements in the future. If she was the obsessive sort of mum who smothered him all his young life, you could be in for trouble (big trouble) you will start to wonder if you have a man in the house or a mouse in the house.

The Cancerian man will make a fantastic dad, but even so he will be more maternal than the mother. But give them some credit because they will look after their family, take the kids out at weekends, and his life will revolve around his home and all his family members, He is a natural dad.


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